Fuzzy Koala

So, the other day I found this cute amigurumi koala pattern on the US Woman’s Day Website (I'll forgive them for using the term 'koala bear', hehe). The pattern can be found here:

And here is my version -

For my version, I used fuzzy yarn in a mocha colour to give it a more teddy-bear feel, and I altered the nose and the arms slightly too. I wanted the arms to be attached on a pivot, so they could be moved slightly as opposed to having them the same shape and style as the legs. I used dark brown wool for the arms, nose and inner-ears, and I attached black buttons on top of small circles of brown felt for the eyes.

Here is my pattern for the arms:
R1 – Ch 2, 4sc in 2nd chain from hook
R2 – 2sc in each st (8st)
R3 – In back loops only, sc in each (8st)
R4 – R7 – sc in each. (8st)
Turn inside out.
R8 – Sc in both sides to seal the hole. (4st)
R9 - 10 – Sc in each (you may need to adjust how many rows to add in order to get a nice flat surface to attach to his body)
Attach to body.

I finished the arms off with a French knot at the attachment point to give the look of a pivot point.

I had some trouble getting him to sit up without toppling over, so I stuffed his body with some glass beads I had lying around. It worked great, although I am sure poly beads would be a far cheaper alternative. Again, poly beads seem to be something I can’t find at my local craft store, so I will have to source these on the net. I will let you know if I find a good place.

I really am having so much fun creating these guys. What will my next project be????

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