Pixel Art Valentines Day Card Tutorial | Legend of Zelda

I love my geeky boyfriend! He truly is the perfect match to my geeky self…
So, this year I wanted to do something nice for him for Valentines Day, and so I made him a Zelda themed, pixel art, pop up card!

And you can make one too - all you need is a printer, a ruler and a scalpel!

Here’s How:

You will find the artwork for the card in pdf format here.

1. Print this file. Note – make sure you have the checkbox “Choose paper source by PDF” selected and the option of “none” for “page scaling” otherwise your page will end up ‘skewiff’ and the fold lines wont line up correctly.

2. Now, grab your ruler and scalpel and cut along the following lines:

3. Then you will need to make fold along these lines:

Just pinch them lightly for now, as when you fold up the card later they will be pressed down properly.

4. Fold you card in half:

5.  Fold your card in half again. To do this, you need to pull down the heart as you go so you don’t end up with a fold across your heart:

You can see how the heart now pops out:

6. I glued both pages together to make it just that little bit more neat. This step is not necessary, I just like how the pages don’t come apart when you open the card:

7. Now all that’s left to do is to write you personal message!


And you are done!
I hope they love it :)