Experimenting with Cotton

Up until now, I have been using a nylon/acrylic blend of yarn at 8ply thick. I love that the colours are so vibrant compared to real wool and it the way it makes my projects far neater, but I’m still finding it fuzzes up like wool all too easily. I’m really after a nice clean, fuzz free finish - so I decided to go buy some 3 ply crochet cotton. It’s a little more expensive than the yarn I have been buying previously, so I hope it’s worth the price tag.

Also, because of the thinner ply, I’m hoping that my projects will turn out smaller and hence a lot cuter!

I made another cactus with the cotton. Only this time I used my own design and not a pattern, and here are the results:

It turned out so little! It was the perfect size to fit into a 4cm terracotta pot that I purchased from Fickle Prickles, an online store for cacti and succulents.

I used a smaller hook this time, a 2.5mm hook (I have previously been using 3.5mm).

I really want to find some key ring chains, so I can make some key ring charms out of this cotton!

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