Amigurumi Cacti | Great Stocking Stuffers for Xmas!

Greetings fellow Crochetists/Cactorians :)

I just wanted to share with you my awesome discovery at the Kalamunda Markets this month!
I made a set of amigurumi cacti to sell at our stall (where we usually sell real cacti and succulents) and they were a huge hit! Completely sold out!

Many jokes flew around the place about how these cacti are guaranteed 'unkillable' (until one customer said "I have 3 children. I wouldn't say guaranteed un-killable if I were you!") .

Then one customer mentioned how these would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. What a great idea! They are easy to make, they look great, and are so much cheaper (and healthier) than filling stockings to the brim with chocolate!

So I know what everyone in my family is getting this Christmas!