Amigurumi Totoro Pattern | My Neighbour Totoro

One of my favorite movies is My Neighbour Totoro. Totoro is the coolest dude ever, and he always makes me laugh whenever I watch him. So what better way to convey my love than to make my very own Totoro?! Actually, I made him for my friend, who introduced me to the movie. He has an awesome collection of My Neighbour Totoro Plushies, and I wanted to add to it.

To share the love, I have written up a pattern for you all. Enjoy!

 My Tororo is made from DK 100% cotton, using a 3.5mm hook.

What you will need:
Yarn/wool in a grey colour
Finer yarn/wool in black
2x black plastic safety eyes ( I used 8mm eyes)
White felt
Crochet hook
Yarn needle

Body (using grey yarn):
R1 -  Create a double loop with 6sc.
R2 - 2sc in each (12st)
R3 - (2sc, sc in next) x6 (18st)
R4 - (2sc, sc in next 2) x6 (24st)
R5 - (2sc, sc in next 3) x6 (30st)
R6-9 - sc in each (30st)
R10 - (2sc, sc in next 4) x6 (36st)
R11 - sc in each (36st)
R12 - (2sc, sc in next 5) x6 (42st)
R13 - sc in each (42st)
R14 - (2sc, sc in next 6) x6 (48st)
R15-18 - sc in each (48st)
R19 - (dec, sc in next 4) x8 (40st)
R20 - (dec, sc in next 3) x8 (32 st)
R21 - (dec, sc in next 2) x8 (24st)

At this point you need to attach the eyes. Cut out 2 small circles of the white felt - a little bigger than the safety eyes. Poke a small hole in the centre of the felt circles and stick the safety eyes through that. Once you have worked out where to place the eyes on Totoro, poke them through the body and secure the back on them. 

R22 - (dec, sc in next) x8 (16st)

Stuff Totoro with the stuffing.

R23 - dec all around (8st)
R24 - sc, sk, fasten off.

Arms (make 2):
R1 -  Create a double loop with 6sc.
R2 - 2sc in each (12st)
R3 - (2sc, sc in next) x6 (18st)
R4-5 - sc in each (18st)
R6 - dec x5, sc in next 8 (13st)
R7 -  sc, dec x2, sc in next 8 (11st)
R8 - sc in each (11st)
Fasten off, leaving a long tail to attach.

Attaching the arms:
The arms are designed so that they sit flush up against his rounded body. They have a shorter underside and a longer front when you flatten them. Using your yarn needle and the tail thread, attach the arms on his sides with slst. You want to place his arms about 3 or 4 rows down from where you placed his eyes.

At this stage you want to attach his belly. Believe me, it will make positioning his nose and whiskers so much easier later on.
To do this, cut out an oval shape in the white felt. I suggest you originally cut out a bigger oval than you think you will need. Place it on his belly and then trim it down to size. You do have to make the bottom of the oval quite flat. Glue the felt into place and allow time to dry.

Using the grey yarn, sew the detail on to his belly using the same technique that you would use to sew on a smile. sew two loose stiches and stitch the two loops in place with a smaller stitch.

Sewing his nose and whiskers:
Grab the black yarn. Attach your whiskers by first pulling your needle through a st where his nose will end up, and tying a knot (the nose will eventually cover up all your knots, so this is a good place to put them!) then simply pull the yarn through the position where you would like his whiskers to be and cut to length. repeat for all his whiskers.

Now for his nose. Start by sewing a horizontal stitch in the centre of where you would like the nose to be. Then simply add stitches to the top and bottom until you are happy with the size.

Ears (make 2):
R1 - Create a double loop with 3sc.
R2 - 2sc, sc in next 2 (4st)
R3 - 2sc, sc in next 3 (5st)
R4 - 2sc, sc in next 4 (6st)
R5 - (2sc, sc in next 2) x2 (8st)
R6-7 - sc in each (8st)
R8 - (dec, sc in next 2) x2 (6st)

Attaching the ears:
Flatten the ears like you did with the arms. What is great about yarm is its flexibility - play around with the ears, pulling and tugging at points until you get a good shape. Then simply attach them to the top of his head using your yarn needle and slst.

To make the tail, use the same patterm as the arms. However this time instead of flattening it out, stuff it a little so the tail end puffs out. Attach to his back with your yarn needle and slst.

And your done! Now you have your very own little Totoro. I had so much fun making this little guy, and in the end my friend loved it to. He ended up putting him in his work van!