Cross Stitch Mushroom & Bubblun | Super Mario & Bubble Bobble

Hooray for Cross Stitch!!!

I decided to give this craft a go after seeing so many awesome nerdy cross stitch patterns out there - zelda, portal, pac-man - you name it, someone has created a cross stitch pattern on it!

I started off on a simple one for my first attempt, a nice Mario mushroom. Then I got a tad more adventurous and started a Bubblun from Bubble Bobble.

The only difficulty I had was that I decided to use some 3 ply crochet cotton I had lying around instead of buying some embroidery thread (like I probably should have). The end result turned out the same, however it was a pain in the you know what to work with, as the cotton kept snapping due to the friction of pulling it through the cloth. Lesson learnt I suppose....

I can't wait to start my next cross stitch project, I am totally inspired by this 'the cake is a lie' cross stitch by pixel8bit:

Or this cute-as Zelda cross stitch by Sidewalk08: