Quest for the Perfect Marker

I found the most utterly perfect maker for crochet (and I suppose knitting too) ...
and you will most definitely find one lying around any house where a girl lives!!

I have experimented with so many different DIY makers, from safety pins to men's shirt clips, but nothing was good and/or easy enough to work with.

- The commercial crochet makers you can buy are simply too large for the tiny amigurumi work that I do.
- Safety pins are far too fiddly with having to undo and do them up again at the end of each round.
- Men's shirt clips (which was mentioned on a blog I read somewhere), are so very close to perfect, but fall off all too easy and then you lose your place!

I was almost about to give up and strive to keep count of each individual stitch instead, when... on the eve of one humid, autumn day, I looked over to my bedside table... and there it was...

*insert holy choir harmony*


Bobby pins make the perfect crochet marker! They are small enough to work on finer projects, they don't fall off once put in place and yet they are easy to take off and put on - Hallelujah!


  1. They now have mini bobby pins! They are so much better because they are shorter and does not get in the way as much. :)